Friday 02 Dec 2016
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"Do Good And Show It"  -  VIP & Charity

HS 2011P

"The significance of the Internet in gathering information and thus for the image we have of this world is growing sharply." With our new Internet campaign "Do Good and Show it", the service brand "DOTVIP® Footprint" offers non-profit organizations and celebrities the opportunity to actively promote their concerns, efforts and requests for help on the Internet.

Herbert Scheuerer
President Vipspace Enterprises LLC


Vipspace Enterprises LLC is a social entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneurship describes an entrepreneurial venture that aims to achieve a desired social change.





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New Web Campaign

"Do Good And Show It"
VIP & Charity

VIPs have acquired singular status through their achievements and are exceptional people or projects. It is important for us and our organization to put their achievements, rather than their personal weaknesses or scandals, in the foreground.


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